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ESTA4 min read

ESTA: Electronic System for Travel Authorization

The online system was implemented on January 12, 2009 and is related to all visa waiver travelers that intend to enter the United States via air or sea. An approved ESTA application is only related to a “permit to travel” to the United States and seek admission to enter. A Travel Authorization is not a […]

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Informative3 min read

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status is a comprehensive application process that consists of forms and application fees.  It is important to note that not everyone qualifies for Adjustment of Status, and only individuals in the United States may apply. The Adjustment of Status application process consists of application forms, a medical examination, affidavit of support (if required), an […]

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Informative10 min read

The Difference between a Social Security Number and ITIN

Did you know that since 1936, over 450 million Social Security Numbers (SSNs) have been issued and there are approximately 5.5 million new SSNs assigned every year? Meanwhile, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) are assigned to more than 3 million foreign nationals and others who have federal tax reporting obligations in the U.S.

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Travel USA9 min read

How to Navigate the Consular Interview for Immigrant Visas

Consular interview for immigrant visas are a crucial juncture on the path towards a new life in a new country. Understanding the process and preparing accordingly is imperative for a successful outcome, and that involves more than filling out paperwork.

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US Immigration10 min read

How to Obtain a Reentry Permit for Green Card Holders

Did you know that approximately 13.2 million people in the United States hold Green Cards? These legal permanent residents contribute immensely to the fabric of American society. However, what many Green Card holders may not realize is that obtaining a reentry permit is crucial for maintaining their status while temporarily leaving the country. In this […]

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Travel USA10 min read

Family-Based Immigration Options in USA

The United States, often termed the “nation of immigrants”, witnesses a significant proportion of its annual immigration through family-based channels. Astonishingly, in 2019, around 68% of the total 1,031,765 immigrants achieved lawful permanent residence through family relations.

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Travel USA9 min read

US Immigration Options for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Investor immigration USA offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish and expand their businesses. Entrepreneurship and investment have long been the twin engines powering the American economy. In 2022, there were over 31.7 million small businesses in the United States, comprising 99.9% of all US businesses. These entities alone employ nearly half of the […]

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US Immigration9 min read

Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Attorney

The labyrinthine world of immigration law is akin to navigating a maze blindfolded, with approximately 185 different types of visas available in the United States alone. The process, riddled with complex bureaucratic procedures, is daunting for many and rife with potential pitfalls.

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Deport10 min read

Crimes that make one deportable in the US

Deportation is a serious consequence faced by individuals who commit certain crimes in the United States. Understanding which crimes can make someone deportable is crucial for immigrants and noncitizens living in the country.

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ESTA5 min read

What is CBP Form 6059B?

You’re about to take a fantastic trip overseas! There’s so much to do and see, and you can’t wait to start. But first, you need to fill out a CBP Form 6059B. What is that, you ask? Read on to learn everything you need about this important form.

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Informative3 min read


The USCIS, or the United States Citizen and Immigration Service, is a department within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The USCIS was created by the Homeland…

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US Immigration5 min read

Unauthorized Entry into the United States

Illegal immigration continues to be a controversial and divisive topic, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. An individual who is residing in a country illegally is known as an “illegal immigrant.”

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Informative5 min read

Immigration Amnesty

The information below was part of the proposed comprehensive immigration reform bill that was previously debated in the United States senate. This legislation has not been approved. The measure, the biggest rewrite of U.S.

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US Visas2 min read

ESTA is Not a Visa

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is occasionally mistaken for being the same a U.S. visitor visa.
However, this is incorrect. ESTA is not a visa, it is a travel authorization…

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US Immigration7 min read

Immigration Reform

Former President Bush supported comprehensive immigration reform. Some of his proposals included: resolve the status of the millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States, encourage illegal immigrants to assimilate to the U.S. and learn English, enhance border security, introduce a temporary guest worker program, and penalize employers for willingly hiring illegal immigrants. Bush […]

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Travel Work7 min read

Guest Worker Program

In 2004 President Bush proposed a guest worker program as a way to bring needed labor to the United States. Some speculated that this was President Bush’s way of giving back to illegal immigrants. Bush discussed the important role that immigrants have played in the United States by shaping America into what it is today […]

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Green Card Travel3 min read

Form I-551 (Green Card)

Form I-551 is the official name of the Green Card or Alien Registration Card. A valid Form I-551 verifies that a person is lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence. Form I-551 is issued with conditions to foreign citizens who marry a U.S. citizen. A conditional Form I-551 is also referred to as […]

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Unauthorized Migration from Mexico.

For many generations Mexicans have illegally crossed the border into the United States. Reasons for the high rate of migration from Mexico include the close proximity of Mexico to the U.S. and the noticeable difference in the quality of life between the two countries. Many individuals come from poverty-stricken towns in Mexico and desire to […]

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Travel3 min read

U Visa for Immigrants who are Crime Victims

The purpose of the U visa is give victims of certain crimes temporary legal status and work eligibility in the United States for up to 4 years. General Information: The U visa is a nonimmigrant visa and only 10,000 U visas may be issued every fiscal year. Family members may also be included on the petition including spouses, children, […]

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US Immigration4 min read

Obama’s Involvement in Immigration Policy

Immigration reform was on Barack Obama’s agenda even before he was elected president of the United States. During his presidential campaign in 2008 he spoke to Latino voters about the importance of fixing America’s broken immigration system. When Obama was installed in the Whitehouse his plan was to start the reform during his first year as […]

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