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Guest Worker Program

In 2004 President Bush proposed a guest worker program as a way to bring needed labor to the United States. Some speculated that this was President Bush’s way of giving back to illegal immigrants. Bush discussed the important role that immigrants have played in the United States by shaping America into what it is today […]

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Green Card Travel3 min read

Form I-551 (Green Card)

Form I-551 is the official name of the Green Card or Alien Registration Card. A valid Form I-551 verifies that a person is lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence. Form I-551 is issued with conditions to foreign citizens who marry a U.S. citizen. A conditional Form I-551 is also referred to as […]

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Unauthorized Migration from Mexico.

For many generations Mexicans have illegally crossed the border into the United States. Reasons for the high rate of migration from Mexico include the close proximity of Mexico to the U.S. and the noticeable difference in the quality of life between the two countries. Many individuals come from poverty-stricken towns in Mexico and desire to […]

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U Visa for Immigrants who are Crime Victims

The purpose of the U visa is give victims of certain crimes temporary legal status and work eligibility in the United States for up to 4 years. General Information: The U visa is a nonimmigrant visa and only 10,000 U visas may be issued every fiscal year. Family members may also be included on the petition including spouses, children, […]

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