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We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. By clicking “Accept All”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. However, you may visit “More info” to provide a controlled consent.

Cookies Policy

We inform users (hereinafter, “you”) that cookies are used on the Website (hereinafter, “our/this Website”).

The below Cookie Policy describes how USIMMIGRATIONSUPPORT.ORG, which owns and controls the Website, uses cookies (hereinafter, “we”).

We advise users to examine this policy on a frequent basis because it may be updated as a result of new regulations or business reasons.

Why do we utilize cookies, and what are they?

“Cookies” are file formats that are used for a variety of reasons, including adjusting the Website’s layout to your device, gathering statistical data, enhancing your user experience, and so on.

You consent to the establishment of cookies by entering and exploring this Website and purchasing the services offered.

These include session cookies (which are automatically deleted when you close your browser), persistent cookies (which are stored on your device for a long time), owned cookies (which are sent to your device by our Website to collect data for our use), and third-party cookies (which are sent to your device by a third party) (service providers we have contracted, e.g., links to social media to reshare our content).

Cookies for user login, cookies for user security, cookies for authentication or identity, add-on cookies, user interface cookies, and certain session cookies are exempt from such permission.

Please be aware that if you modify your browser’s settings by deactivating the limits imposed on the storage of cookies, we will infer you give us your permission.

Furthermore, your consent will not be necessary if the placement of cookies is essential to provide a service on our Website that you have specifically requested.

Third-party cookies are subject to the Privacy and Cookies Policies of the third-party.

We are not responsible for the content or validity of the third-party Policies mentioned above.

The following cookie types may be installed in your browser by us:

  • Technical cookies enable the management and operation of our Website, as well as its features and services, such as carry-out sales, payment processing, social media content sharing, and so on.
  • Analytical cookies let us understand how you use our website and which data or services you are most interested in, so we can improve your overall customer experience.
  • Advertising cookies help us improve the quality of our website’s adverts.


Cookies name Supplier Type Storage Period
Authorization Owned Technical Session
Matomo Matomo Analytical 2 years Analytical Session


What rights does the user have when it comes to blocking or refusing cookies?

You can revoke your permission to the placement of cookies by this Website at any time by changing the settings on your device’s browser.

For the most common internet browsers, here are links to instructions on how to handle or erase cookies:

  • Google Chrome
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  • Opera

Keep in mind that if you disable cookies, you will lose access to certain Website functions that require them.

You may also set your computer browser to automatically allow or reject all types of cookies. You can also set your browser to inform you whenever a cookie is received, allowing you to choose whether or not to accept it.

You can also enable private browsing, which prevents your browser from saving browsing data, website logins, cookies, and other information about the web pages you visit, and non-tracking browsing, which prevents your browser from tracking your visits and user patterns.

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