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Work Visa for the United States

U.S. Work Visa Application Guide

Work Visa General Information: Do you want to work in the United States but don’t know what visa you need? The work visa criteria can be confusing and there are many different visas available depending on the type of job. However, individuals that wish to work in the United States must first apply and be approved for a work visa. Work visas are non-immigrant visas, which mean that that they are only valid for a certain amount of time. However, most work visas can easily be renewed. Many US employers act as sponsors for their foreign employees so they can obtain a Green Card. Getting a U.S. work visa does not automatically lead to a Green Card or US citizenship.
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Work Visa Eligibility Requirements:

Each work visa has different qualify criteria which the applicant needs to meet. For example, an H-1B visa requires the applicant to work in a specialty occupation and have higher education, while the H-2B visa is for seasonal jobs in which the US in short of demand. Most work visas have an annual quota. There are work visas available for a range of different jobs which are described in the US Work Visa Application Guide.

Work Visa Additional Information:

 Working in the United States gives the visa holder the right to get a US driver license, state ID, bank account, credit card, house, etc. The worker can travel in and out of the United States with a valid visa. The spouse and children of the principal applicant can also be granted a visa. However, they are not allowed to work. The visa holders will always keep their original passport. A United States passport can only be obtained by naturalized citizens.

Work Visas Described in the US Work Visa Application Guide:

  • E-1 Treaty Trader Work Visa
  • E-2 Treaty Investor Work Visa
  • E-3 Work Visa for Australians
  • F-1 Student Visa can work on OPT/CPT
  • H-1B Work Visa
  • H-2B Work Visa
  • H-3 Trainee Work Visa
  • O-1 Extraordinary Ability Work Visa
  • P Visa Athlete/Entertainer Work Visa
  • R-1 Religious Work Visa
Download the U.S. Work Visa  Application Guide  for more information.