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Importation of Pets into the United States

United State Immigration Resources
United State Immigration Resources
Pet and animal importation to the United States is subject to health, quarantine, agriculture, wildlife, and customs requirements. The many regulations and prohibitions that govern pet importation into the United States can be difficult to understand and execute. The Importation of Pets and Other Animals into the United States Information Guide was developed to help you understand the process individuals go through to bring an animal into the United States. The information package explains in detail how to import dogs, cats, birds, horses, turtles, and many others pets and exotic animals. It provides the necessary background information about federal, state, and territorial regulations in addition to how to transport your pet, as well as where and how to quarantine. It also lists embargoes on certain pets and port contacts.
What’s included
Download Importation of Pets into the United States Application Guide for more information.
Eligibility Requirements: An individual who imports an animal into the United States is responsible for his or her own visa (if not a U.S.-resident or citizen) as well as all necessary documentations for the animal. The Importation of Pets and Other Animals into the United States Information Guide contains all the necessary information one needs in order to import their pet into the country. For those requiring visa information, it is recommended to visit other sections of this website for information on entry requirements and visas. Note that both the pet/animal and the foreign national must have the necessary documentation approved prior to entering the United States.