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Green Card through Adoption

The Green Card through Adoption Application Guide makes the application process straight forward and easy to understand. This is a comprehensive and clear step-by-step guide to help you file the application as efficiently and quickly as possible.
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Download Green Card through Adoption Guide for more information.

Green Card and Citizenship through Adoption:

Adoption is an alternative that provides many families and singles with the opportunity to have children. It also helps children of unfortunate backgrounds that do not have parents to begin a new life and find hope for a bright future. Adoption is a noble cause lauded by many humanitarians as it essentially helps children in need. Adopted children have many of the same rights as biological children of United States citizens. The process of completing and submitting an application for a Green Card through Adoption can be both costly and confusing.

Eligibility Requirements: Only United States citizens may adopt a child in the United States. For married couples, at least one of the adopting parents needs to be a United States citizen in order to adopt a foreign child. The child also needs to be legally available for adoption. The application requirements and procedures to apply for U.S. citizenship by adoption are different for orphaned and non-orphaned children. Thus, it is important to review the information in the Green Card Adoption application manual before submitting the application.

Additional Information: Quota restrictions may apply depending on the native country of the adopted child.