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B-1 Business Visa Application Guide

Business Visa Eligibility Requirements: Foreign nationals interested in visiting the United States for business purposes that do not involve receiving salary or payment are eligible to apply for a B-1 Business Visa. Additional screening and interviews are now required at most United States Embassies and Consulates due to the events of September 11th, 2001. It is vital to follow the detailed, clear instructions provided in the B-1 Business Visitor Visa Application Guide for the visa to be issued.
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Persons admitted to the United States under a B-1 Business Visitor Visa are not allowed to work or receive any kind of payment while staying in the United States. Foreign nationals who wish to work in the United States must apply for a work visa, such as a H-1B or H-2B Visa.

General Information on Business Visas:

Foreigners working for a foreign entity are allowed to visit the United States on a B-1 Business Visitor Visa. B-1 Business Visas are more advantageous than Visa Waivers for many reasons, including the right to apply for a Visa Extension and Adjustment of Status (Green Card) after entering the United States.

Business Visa Length of Stay:

Persons admitted to the United States on a B-1 Nonimmigrant Business Visa are usually granted a 6-month stay. The maximum length of stay for visitor visa holders is 6 months. The immigration officer at the port of entry determines how long each visitor is allowed to stay in the country. Most visitors have their I-94 cards stamped with a 6-month stay, however the immigration officer has the right to issue a shorter stay on a case by case basis. Upon entry into the United States, the foreign visitor has the right to request an extension of stay.

B-1 Business Visa Change of Status:

Individuals who enter the United States on B-1 Business Visas are normally eligible to change status to permanent resident (Green Card holder) if they qualify, or to other non-immigrant statuses, including temporary workers (H-1BH-2BE-1E-2E-3), and student (F-1 Student Visa). Individuals who enter the United States under the the Visa Waiver Program are not eligible to change status. The option to change status is one of the major advantages of a Nonimmigrant Visa compared to visas obtained through the Visa Waiver Program.

Download the B-1 Business Visa Application Guide  for more information.