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United States Newcomer’s Guide

The Newcomers Guide to the United States has all the information you need to start a new life in America, from vital citizenship and visa information to everyday facts about living in the United States.

  • Start Application Immediately
  • Easy to Understand Instructions
  • Apply Online or by Mail
  • Pricing and Fee Information Included
  • Checklist of Required Documents
  • Unlimited Online Support

What’s included

  • Overview of the United States Immigration System
  • Arriving in the United States
  • Climate in the United States
  • Holidays in America
  • How to apply for a State ID or Driver’s License
  • How to apply for a Social Security Card
  • Banking in the United States
  • Purchasing a car and getting insurance
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • List of all USCIS (formerly INS) offices nationwide
  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • Learn about U.S. taxes
  • The American Way of Life
  • About the American business culture
  • How to get a job in the United States
  • Unions and the work force
  • Starting a business in the United States
  • Studying in the United States
  • How to keep your U.S. residence
  • How to apply for U.S. citizenship
  • List of American Embassies and Consulates

Download United States Newcomer’s Guide for more information

This information package guides you through the complexities of the American system in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Do not arrive unprepared in the land of opportunities. The United States Newcomer’s Guide was designed to help you gain an understanding of some of those unfamiliar aspects of the American way of life.

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