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How to Get a Job in the United States

Applying for a job in the United States may be very different than in your home country. There are certain “rules and regulations” to follow in terms of what information to include on your Curriculum Vita (CV). or resume as well as cover letter. For example, depending on the position, applicants may be expected to submit a one page resume, as opposed to a CV. Your resume and CV should not specify salary requirements, marital status, age of children and their names, your height, weight, and reasons for leaving previous jobs. The “How to Get a Job in the United States” guide provides important information on how to successfully obtain a job in the United States. It includes integral information such as how to inventory your strengths, search for a job, write a cover letter and resume, and prepare for the interview.

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What’s included

  • Knowing yourself
  • Winning the job
  • How to find a job
  • Making connections
  • Writing a resume
  • Sample resumes
  • Search for a job online
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Green Card holders that may face deportation by applying for U.S. citizenship

Important: This information guide explains the process of applying for a job in the United States. It does not contain U.S. Work Visa and Green Card information or application instructions.

  • Sample cover letters
  • Search for a job online
  • Using the Internet for your job search
  • Finding employment agencies
  • Knowing the company
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Telephone interviews
  • Sharing experiences
  • Computer-assisted tests and interviews
  • Accepting the job offer
  • List of United States Embassies and Consulates Worldwide

Download How to Get a Job in the United States Guide for more information

Jobs are available in a number of different avenues such as newspapers, internet, employment centers, through headhunters, job banks, networking, and job fairs. The process of obtaining a job in the United States is never easy, and it often involves much preparation and hard work. Job applicants are encouraged to take a thorough inventory of their strengths and weaknesses. Do you know what your potential is?

A proven strategy to help to prepare for job opportunities is to engage in self-analysis and determine what you can contribute to an organization as well as areas which you can improve on. Once you know what you can offer to an organization, it is time to write a cover letter and CV or resume. When you are called for interviews, you need to know how to present yourself and what questions to expect. Many jobs are lost because individuals are not prepared for the job interview.

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