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Reentry Permit Application

United State Immigration Resources
United State Immigration Resources
Green Card Holders traveling abroad are subject to different regulations than U.S. citizens. USCIS views time spent abroad as a determinant of the Green Card holder’s intention to keep their permanent resident status. Depending on the length of their trip, a reentry permit may be required. Failure to comply with regulations set forth by the United States could result in severe implications, such as deportation. Therefore, it is recommended to review the Reentry Permit for Green Card Holders Information and Application Guidein order to ensure compliance.
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Download Reentry Permit Application Guide for more information.
Green Card holders may stay abroad for longer periods of time if a Reentry Permit or Application to Preserve Residence for Naturalization Purposes is approved. The reentry application process may take some time to be processed, and it is recommended to apply early. U.S. law does not require travelers to have a Reentry Permit in their possession when they leave the United States; however, travelers must apply for the permit before they leave the United States. The problem with applying for a reentry permit and leaving the country before it is approved is that the application may be denied. This will lead to additional problems upon return to the United States.
Important Notice for Green Card holders planning on applying for U.S. citizenship:  Green Card holders must fulfill a residency requirement before they can apply for United States citizenship, and the time spent abroad does not count towards this requirement. However, Green Card holders may submit the “Application to Preserve Residence for Naturalization Purposes.” For more information about traveling with a Green Card and how to apply for a Reentry Permit, it is recommended to order the Reentry Permit for Green Card Holders Application Guide.