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U.S. Immigration for Mexican Citizens

United State Immigration Resources
United State Immigration Resources
The complete immigration guide for Mexicans: The “U.S. Immigration for Mexican Citizens” is a user-friendly, comprehensive guide for Mexican citizens who would like to navigate and understand the various U.S. visa categories, as well as to explore the ways Mexicans can visit the United States for business or pleasure, for a short time or for an extended period. The guide is also helpful to Mexican citizens who live in the United States and who would like to examine the various ways to obtain a green card, or even to obtain United States citizenship. US Immigration for Mexican Citizens provides an overview of the history of Mexican immigration to the United States, the issue of illegal immigration, and President Obama’s plans for immigration reform. For each visa category included in this guide, eligibility requirements, the application process (including relevant steps and required forms), fees and processing times are explained to the reader. In addition, the most common ways to qualify for a green card, or lawful permanent resident status, are also discussed, step-by-step.
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What’s included
The U.S. Immigration for Mexican Citizens Information Guide describes the most common visas available to Mexican citizens who want to visit the United States, or who want to come to the U.S. to study or work. The guide contains descriptions of the various application procedures, and contains links to the most commonly used immigration forms issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the US Department of State. US Immigration for Mexican Citizens also explains how to obtain a labor certificate from the Department of Labor. If you are interested in navigating and understanding one of the most complicated immigration systems in the world, this guide is for you.