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Immigration Interviews

United State Immigration Resources
United State Immigration Resources
Immigration interviews are normally the final stage of the application process when one is applying for a visa or an immigration benefit to enter the United States. Some applicants wait for years for their visa to finally be adjudicated, and the immigration interview is the very critical step that will determine whether a visa is granted or denied. Therefore, it is critical for applicants to prepare for such interviews. This information guide is unique because not only does it give a general summary of the requirements of the visa and provides a long list of sample questions, it most importantly provides the legal standards and guidelines taken from the consular and immigration officer’s training manuals that guide them in adjudicating the various visa applications. This Information Guide should help visa applicants to be thoroughly prepared for the interview, and get them closer in achieving success.
What’s included
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The process of preparing for an immigration interview means more than just organizing your documents, reviewing your immigration application or even role playing with a friend on how to answer a variety of sample questions. Effective interview preparation entails understanding the immigration laws and regulations that are the foundation for the different questions asked by the consulate or immigration officers. Knowing what a consulate or immigration officer is looking for during the interview will assist applicants to be more thorough and complete with their answers. Armed with this knowledge, applicants will be able to tell their story to a consular or immigration officer demonstrating the they meet the requirements for the visa and most important also merit it.