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Certificate of Naturalization Application Guide

The United States Certificate of Naturalization Application Guide was developed to help naturalized U.S. citizens complete and file their own requests for a copy of their Certificate of United States Naturalization. This is a clear, step-by-step guide that explains how to efficiently and quickly obtain a copy of your certificate of United States Naturalization. Please note, you should only apply for a replacement certificate if your current certificate of naturalization is incorrect, lost, mutilated, or destroyed.
What’s included

Important Warning & Legal Disclaimer:

  • The U.S. Immigration Support (this website) does not issue U.S. Certificates of Citizenship. We publish an application guide to assist you in replacing a lost, stolen or destroyed certificate of citizenship.
  • We will NOT mail a copy of your U.S. Certificate of Citizenship to you. Upon successful download, you must follow the instruction in the application guide and submit your own application directly with the United States government.
  • It is NOT possible to request a copy of your Certificate of United States Citizenship online. This website only provides the application guide.
  • The Certificate of Citizenship is a different document than the Certificate of Naturalization. The application guide available for download on this website contains information on how to replace both documents. YOU DON’T NEED TO ORDER BOTH application guides. You only need to download one.
Download Certificate of Naturalization Application Guide for more information.
The Certificate of U.S. Naturalization (form N-550 or N-570) is a document issued by the United States government as proof of a person having obtained U.S. citizenship through naturalization, which is the legal process of obtaining a new nationality. The Certificate of U.S. Naturalization has been issued since October 1, 1991 by the USCIS, and on or before September 30, 1991 it was issued by the Federal Courts and particular State Courts. The United States Certificate of Naturalization is proof of an individual’s U.S. citizenship through naturalization.

What U.S. Government Agency Issues the Certificate of Citizenship? The Certificate of Citizenship is a document that is issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).
Important: Only individuals who obtained U.S. citizenship either by action of law while residing in the United States or by having been born outside the United States to U.S. citizens can request a copy of their certificate of citizenship.