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R-1 Visa for Religious Work Guide

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R-1 Religious Work Visa

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R-1 Visa
R-1 Visa General Information: The United States government issues visas to individuals who are members of legitimate religious organizations so they can live and work legally in the United States for a specific period of time. These visas are called R-1 Religious Worker Visas. R-1 Visas are made available to members of the clergy and also to key employees of religious organizations. The process of completing and submitting a request for an R-1 Visa can be both costly and confusing. However, the R-1 Religious Worker Visa Application Guide makes the application process easy to understand. This is a step-by-step guide to help you file your R-1 Visa application as efficiently and quickly as possible.
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R-1 Visa Additional information

R-1 Visa Requirements and Eligibility:

The R-1 Visa is available for religious workers who have been affiliated with a legitimate religious denomination for a minimum of two years. This US work visa category allows individuals to enter the United States to perform religious duties or work in a religious occupation.

Accompanying relatives of the main applicant (R-1 Visa holder) can apply for R-2 Visas, which grant them the opportunity to accompany the primary visa holder during their stay in the United States.

It is important to note that additional requirements may apply, depending on the specific circumstances and the religious organization involved. It is highly recommended to thoroughly review the information provided in our application manual and consult with the appropriate authorities or legal professionals to ensure compliance with all necessary requirements.

Download the R-1 Religious Work Visa Application Guide  for more information.

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