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Green Card Replacement and U.S. Citizenship Package

United State Immigration packages for green card replacement
United State Immigration packages for us citizenship
The Green Card and U.S. Citizenship Package includes the Green Card Replacement Application Guide and U.S. Citizenship Application Guide.
Get comprehensive and easy to understand information about traveling or living abroad with a Green Card, including how to obtain a reentry permit and how to preserve your permanent resident status for citizenship purposes. The Green Card Renewal and Information Package also contains instructions on how to renew or replace your Green Card if it is lost, stolen or expired.
Part 1: Green Card Replacement
Part 2: U.S. Citizenship Application
Green Card Replacement and U.S. Citizenship Package
Green Card Replacement: If your Green Card is lost or stolen, you should file for a replacement immediately.
Citizenship Eligibility Requirements: All citizenship applicants must demonstrate good moral character. Other naturalization requirements may be modified or waived for certain applicants, such as spouses of U.S. Citizens, or individuals currently serving in the United States military.