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Green Card through Investment

The process of completing a request for a Green Card through Investment can be both costly and confusing. There are several immigration and investment requirements that must be met. The Green Card through Investment Application Guide was developed to help a foreign national complete and file his or her own application for a Green Card. The Green Card through Investment Application Guide is a step-by-step guide to help you file your investment-based Green Card application as efficiently and quickly as possible. It includes application instructions, filing procedures, and all the required Green Card Investment application forms.
What’s included
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Green Cards through Investment (also called the Fifth Preference Green Card or EB-5)

are available to anyone who invests a certain amount of money in the United States by creating a business or expanding one that already exists.

The investor must be active in the management of the company.

A number of investors may join together in creating or expanding a U.S. business so that each applicant may qualify for an Investor Green Card through one single company. However, the individual investment of each applicant must still meet the minimum qualifying amount, and each investor must be separately responsible for the creation of new jobs.

Green Card Investment Annual Quota: 10,000 Green Cards are made available every year to qualified investors. Only the primary applicant counts toward the annual quota, not the accompanying relatives. Therefore, more than 10,000 persons can obtain Green Cards through Investment every year.